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What Is A Glass Balustrade?

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What is a glass balustrade?

You’ve probably seen glass balustrading before but not been aware of the name. It simply refers to a glass panel, glass partition, or glass screen which is there to protect users from falling – for example it can be used to fence in a balcony or on a staircase, or other area where there is a change in level. While its main purpose is to provide some protection, the glass material used means it also adds style and a modern look to homes, while the nature of glass adds light and space. 

Bring in the beauty of light

The popularity of glass balustrading is predominantly down to its sleek, modern look. It allows for an uninterrupted expanse of glass which gives the illusion of space, unlike wooden, metal or other opaque options. With the trend for open-plan living, glass balustrades can help create a seamless, flowing look for a light, airy interior. 

Of course, if you want the beauty of glass but with additional privacy you can opt for patterned glass, which will help the glass stand out in your home. Coloured glass is another option for a jaw-dropping look – and here at Osborn Glass we can even add UV lights to enhance the look. 

Plus, this is the type of investment in your home that will add value to it, should you sell your house. Glass balustrades are highly coveted for all of the benefits above.

Are glass balustrades expensive?

Expensive looking, yes; expensive to buy and install – not as expensive as you may think! While you will pay a premium if you opt for glass balustrades it may not be as much as you expect. There are several things that will affect the cost. A simple glass panel will always be cheaper than a more intricate or detailed design – but the good news is that simple glass balustrades are visually striking on their own and used widely by architects for a reason. 

The thickness of the glass can also impact costs. All of our glass balustrades meet building regulations and are the appropriate thickness to ensure your safety. They are made from toughened or laminated glass as standard. Frameless options also tend to be more expensive compared to their framed counterparts. 

For many, choosing a glass balustrade is about making a design statement and it’s worth understanding that you do get what you pay for. If your budget can stretch to it, then low iron glass will really enhance how the product looks in your home by reducing the green and black appearance of the edges.

Maintaining your glass balustrades

Many customers are surprised to learn that glass balustrading can be easier to keep clear than other types of material. But, with one single expanse of glass there are fewer nooks and crannies for dust to settle in. Knowing how to clean glass balustrades properly is the trick – a good wipe over with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth will soon ensure they’re restored to full glory – sticky fingerprints and all! Another bonus is that any scratches can be dealt with by having an expert in to polish the glass – something that isn’t possible with other types of materials. 

Ready to bring light into your home?

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