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What Type Of Mirror Is Best For Your Bathroom?
What type of mirror is best for your bathroom? Renovating your bathroom can be a fulfilling process that breathes new life into your home. You’ve chosen the perfect fixings for your taps, laid beautiful tiling along the floors, and installed a bespoke shower screen to add a stylish flair to your space.  But when it...
2 weeks ago
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Five Ways To Transform Your Home With AluSpace Doors And Screens
Five ways to transform your home with AluSpace doors and screens When you’re looking for a residential refresh, there are lots of options for improving the look and feel of your home. Smaller touches to bedrooms like antique mirrors, or sleek glass shelving in your living room can make a big difference. But what if...
1 month ago
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What Is A Glass Balustrade?
What is a glass balustrade? You’ve probably seen glass balustrading before but not been aware of the name. It simply refers to a glass panel, glass partition, or glass screen which is there to protect users from falling - for example it can be used to fence in a balcony or on a staircase, or...
3 months ago
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How To Upgrade Your Bathroom
How to upgrade your bathroom Has mould made a home in your shower cubicle? Is your sink looking tired? Do we dare even mention the toilet? Whatever state your current bathroom is in, a stylish bathroom upgrade is within reach, whatever your budget! Read on to find out how you can achieve a big impact...
3 months ago
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Transform Your Home With Coloured Glass
Transform your home with coloured glass When it comes to interior design, we often focus on paint, furniture, and home accessories. However, one element that's often overlooked, but can make a significant impact, is the use of coloured glass. Using coloured glass in your home can add a vibrant dimension to your interior design. In...
7 months ago
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What Glass Should I Use For My Restaurant Windows?
Restaurant storefront glass - it’s a vibe Picture this. You’re walking along and your stomach is rumbling, you’re looking for the perfect place to eat. You stumble across a cosy restaurant nestled within greenery with a huge, clean window, giving you the perfect view of what’s to come. You see diners digging into their scrumptious...
1 year ago
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