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Glass sneeze screens Vs plastic sneeze screens
We've seen a lot of plastic sneeze screens and partition screens going up in our public spaces and places of work—and while plastic gets the job done, it falls short of glass. Glass offers more, and is better for the planet. COVID has seen many changes in our public spaces and workplaces, and items like...
3 months ago
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Why are mirrors important for your gym?
A must-have for home gyms and complexes Mirrors are not just for gym-goers to check themselves out - they add safety and enhance space, we break down the advantages of getting your mirror right here.  There are practical and aesthetic gains to be made from having mirrors in your gym or even a home gym....
5 months ago
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Can You Cut Through Toughened Glass?
Once the toughening process has been completed, there is no way to cut through the glass. This style of glass is designed to equally distribute pressure through its thick frame, so by attempting to cut it you will break the disruptions throughout the pane. Make sure that your measurements for the glass are perfect, or...
7 months ago
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Cleaning Your Glass Splashback

So you’re cooking in a hurry, or the lid wasn’t entirely on when you started blending, it’s fine these things happen. But now you’ve splattered all sorts over your glass splashback. Well, that is why it’s there.  When you come to clean said splashback, there are some useful things to know so you can avoid…

9 months ago
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The Most Important Glass Styles for Interior Designers

Modern buildings are more and more frequently making use of glass in their vast and spacious interiors. Minimalism, alongside a heavy use of reflective glass, gives the perfect illusion of increased space and has a tremendous effect on interior lighting. Perhaps that is why are seeing it used more and more in new office complexes….

10 months ago
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The Types of Antique Mirror

A Brief History in Mirrors  Framed antique mirrors are sought after in the world of interior design. They adorn the walls of many households and businesses who like to hold themselves with a certain aesthetic. They are indeed a thing of beauty and are enriched in history – stemming from a time where only the richest of…

11 months ago
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