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Why Choose to Invest in a Quality Mirror?

Some things in life are purchases; others are investments. The amount of time we spend choosing a cake to eat in a cafe, for example, is likely to be a lot less than the amount of time we spend selecting a house to purchase and live in. But, where do the necessary, everyday items –…

2 months ago
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3 Examples of Architectural Design That Make Good Use of Glass

3 Examples of Architectural Design That Make Good Use of Glass Often overlooked and underappreciated, glass is a defining substance of our modern world. When most people think of glass today, they picture a transparent material that simply lets light into a space. Although this technically isn’t wrong, glass also has so much more to…

3 months ago
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The Best Uses of Glass in Modern Architecture

As defined by the Royal Institute of British Architects, modernist architecture of the 20th century was primarily associated with an analytical approach to the function of buildings that rejected ornament and embraced minimalism. One aspect of Modernism that is often overlooked, however, is how it blurred the boundaries between the inside of buildings and the…

4 months ago
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