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The Most Important Glass Styles for Interior Designers

Modern buildings are more and more frequently making use of glass in their vast and spacious interiors. Minimalism, alongside a heavy use of reflective glass, gives the perfect illusion of increased space and has a tremendous effect on interior lighting. Perhaps that is why are seeing it used more and more in new office complexes….

2 weeks ago
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The Types of Antique Mirror

A Brief History in Mirrors  Framed antique mirrors are sought after in the world of interior design. They adorn the walls of many households and businesses who like to hold themselves with a certain aesthetic. They are indeed a thing of beauty and are enriched in history – stemming from a time where only the richest of…

1 month ago
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How to Use Smoked Antique Mirrors in Interior Designing
How To Use Smoked Antique Mirrors When Interior Designing Mirrors are far more than just a tool to monitor our reflection. Although we might be fooled into thinking that mirrors are only hung or attached to our walls as practicality, we would be wrong. Interior designers know, only too well, the vast design benefits that...
2 months ago
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How Are People Going Bolder With Glass?

  The role of glass in the family home used to primarily be limited to standard windows and the occasional frosted-glass door. But, in recent years, new ways to utilise residential glass have come to the forefront and are proving popular among homeowners and designers alike. The aspiration for light and open spaces in the…

5 months ago
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How to Identify Safety Glass

“Toughened” or “tempered” or simply “safety” glass is, as these names suggest, much more resistant to knocks and bumps than regular glass. It is manufactured by way of a slower cooling process, and as a result, is considerably more robust than standard panes of glass. For applications where safety or security is paramount – such…

5 months ago
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How to Clean an Old Antique Mirror & Frame
Cleaning a mirror can be painful at the best of times. With strips and smudges being hard to get out entirely. Over time, dirt, dust and finger-marks make their way onto all of our household’s reflective surfaces. If your home or living space contains an antique mirror, cleaning without ruining the surface is a concern. Generally,...
5 months ago
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