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Can You Cut Through Toughened Glass?

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Once the toughening process has been completed, there is no way to cut through the glass. This style of glass is designed to equally distribute pressure through its thick frame, so by attempting to cut it you will break the disruptions throughout the pane. Make sure that your measurements for the glass are perfect, or you could be in a spot of bother. 

How to Cut Toughened Glass

As we mentioned above, there’s no way to cut through toughened glass without shattering it. Unless that is, you are willing to heat your glass sheet to around 500°C. With the glass heated, you can then cut it without it shattering, but you will need to toughen the pane once again when the process is finished. 


How You Re-toughen your Glass

This is achieved by rapidly cooling the outside surface while the inner layers remain warm. Because the outside rapidly hardens and inside remains soft, the outside is put into compression, while the inside is in tension. This results in the glass toughening.