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Five Ways To Transform Your Home With AluSpace Doors And Screens

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Five ways to transform your home with AluSpace doors and screens

When you’re looking for a residential refresh, there are lots of options for improving the look and feel of your home. Smaller touches to bedrooms like antique mirrors, or sleek glass shelving in your living room can make a big difference.

But what if you want something more substantial? Something that makes your home the envy of your friends and family, and beautifully separates open-plan living spaces into modern, bright, and spacious partitioned rooms?

The AluSpace Interior Door and Screen System could be the perfect solution; whether you’re looking to upgrade your home gym, create a private home office, or utilise these sleek room dividers in a way that’s entirely unique to you.

Aluspace dividers used in an office setting

What are AluSpace interior doors and screens?

Put simply: elegant. AluSpace internal aluminium doors and screens add a finishing touch to your home that’s hard to beat. With a stylish configuration of clear windows and sharp aluminium lines, you can customise the layout to divide or delineate internal spaces however works best.

The internal aluminium doors can also be installed with a variety of handles and fixings, meaning that you can capture the exact aesthetic you’re looking for while making use of the room dividers in a way that suits you best.

How can I use AluSpace within my home?

The short answer: however you see fit! For the longer answer, we’ve compiled a handful of use cases that could work nicely within your current home, or perhaps provide inspiration for your next project. The beauty of the AluSpace system is that it’s entirely customisable – use these as launching points for your own creative flair.

Room dividers in your open-plan living space

Perhaps the most natural use of AluSpace internal aluminium doors and screens is to separate an open-plan space into more manageable, bespoke rooms. Because light can easily pass through the sleek room dividers, you can still enjoy natural light while making use of the system’s effective acoustic reduction.

AluSpace kitchen partition in a modern home

This could be the perfect solution for your home cinema set-up, or simply to create a quiet, cosy reading nook within a larger lounge area. The options are truly endless, and a wide variety of available colours means that the room dividers and aluminium doors will seamlessly integrate into your existing home aesthetic.

The perfect home office space

Picture the scene: you’re working from home and the phone rings. It’s an important call – you’ve been waiting on it all day – but everything seems to be working against you. The kids are playing loud music. The extractor fan is on in the kitchen. The TV is blaring in the living room.

AluSpace partitions being used as a home office

But then you step into your home office, close the sliding door, and…all is quiet. You can still see your family milling around outside, but you’re able to focus on the task at hand in a private, personal space.

The fixed AluSpace screens provide you with the ability to separate your working area from the rest of your home, allowing for a clear divide between your personal and professional worlds.

Sleek walk-in wardrobes

When designing your perfect walk-in wardrobe, you may want to see what outfits you have available, while still keeping the clutter that clothing can create separate from the rest of your room.

AluSpace dividers used in a home

By installing AluSpace interior room dividers – with or without an accompanying sliding, hinged, or pivot door – you can achieve exactly that. Depending on the existing look and feel of your bedroom space, the flexibility of design with AluSpace means that it can be configured to your exact liking: from minimalist and modern, to traditional, to industrial.

Bathroom and shower partitions

When considering a stylish bathroom upgrade, many aspects can come into play. Do you want to freshen-up the space with a new frameless mirror? Or does your shower need a complete refresh?

If you want to create the ultimate walk-in, spacious washroom, then AluSpace doors and screens could be the perfect fit. By positioning the interior dividers to suit your bathroom, you can add a contemporary look while keeping areas open and bright.

Add a professional look to your home gym

If you’ve converted a section of your garage into a workout room, it can sometimes be difficult to keep equipment from spilling over into the rest of the space. If you also use this room for other purposes – such as laundry or vehicle storage – then the clutter can be a serious pain.

The solution? A partitioned home gym, that makes use of minimalist AluSpace room dividers to keep things tidy and organised. This could be for the entirety of your workout equipment, or perhaps just a dedicated free weights zone to replicate a professional gym. Customise the size and layout of your aluminium frames and clear glass dividers in a way that works best for you.

Want to add some organisation to your living space?

If you’re ready to use AluSpace Interior Doors and Screens to segment your rooms and create bespoke living spaces that work around you and your family, then get in touch.

Our team can advise on pricing, installation, and delivery to make sure the process is as seamless as possible. Give us a call on 020 8653 2200 or contact us online.