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How To Upgrade Your Bathroom

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How to upgrade your bathroom

Has mould made a home in your shower cubicle? Is your sink looking tired? Do we dare even mention the toilet? Whatever state your current bathroom is in, a stylish bathroom upgrade is within reach, whatever your budget! Read on to find out how you can achieve a big impact with minimal cash with these fresh ideas. 

How much does it cost to upgrade a bathroom?

It really is a ‘how long is a piece of string answer’. Of course you need to match your expectations to your budget – but if you’ve only got a spare £100 to invest in transforming the bathroom, spend it wisely on a new mirror to bounce light around, some mould remover and some decent cleaning equipment to really get that glass shower door sparkling. On the other hand, if you’ve got some money saved up and are prepared to do a complete overhaul you can bring your bathroom up to scratch with a bespoke glass shower screen, new sanitaryware, and fresh new tiling. 

Budget upgrades

Our experts know a thing or two about how to upgrade a bathroom on a budget.

You can’t beat the luxury of new fluffy towels and matching bath mats and you can find budget options on the high street in a huge range of patterns and colours. Think about picking up a candle to boost the atmosphere, and decanting your products into stylish pump containers. 

If your tiles have seen better days but there’s no money to replace them you have a few options. First is good old fashioned elbow grease and giving them a good going over to get rid of grime, limescale and product build up. If that fails you can buy grout pens to clean up discoloured grouting. Tiles around sinks could be covered up with tile decals for a quick and easy refresh, but these may not be suitable for shower enclosures. 

Opting for large scale mirrors – and even better if you can incorporate a full wall mirror – not only will you get a new look, but you’ll also significantly increase the perception of light and space. And why not give it a fresh coat of paint to finish off the new look – don’t forget to use a paint designed to be used in bathrooms!

Got a bit more to spend?

Then it’s time to take a good hard look at your bathroom’s problem area. Does it lack storage? Is the shower curtain impractical? Does the floor look shabby? 

Address your biggest pain points, whether that’s laying new flooring, adding in some shelves or switching out your shower curtain for a stylish glass shower door. You can even make this a real wow factor in your home by opting for a sandblasted shower door or a painted shower door to add a splash of colour. Don’t forget you can also opt for self-cleaning glass in the shower to keep it looking as good as new in the long-term. 

You can also give your bathroom a whole new look by adding some shutters to the window for privacy and style points. If tiles in your shower have seen better days you could consider fitting shower boards – with no grout lines to get dirty or gaps for water to seep through, these are an affordable quick fix and allow you to switch up styles or colour schemes. 

Finally, take a closer look at your light fitting. Bathroom lighting – which is subject to strict regulations – has come a long way and today you can find super-luxurious options to give your bathroom a facelift. 

Ready for a full renovation?

Now you know how to upgrade your bathroom on a budget, it’s time to ask yourself whether you have the budget for a full-scale renovation. It is possible to get a whole new look for your room and still have change left over for a celebratory take-away when it’s all done. 

If you’re replacing all the sanitaryware then think about going all-out with a frameless glass shower screen, for a modern, sophisticated look. It’s easy to clean, watertight and a good option for a room that tends to be one of the smallest in the house, by keeping sightlines open. 

Many still like the luxury of a bathtub, but worry about space. Take a look at some of the bath designs on the market – it’s possible to find shortie tubs or slipper baths that take up less floor space. And for busy households the option of having two sinks is a no-brainer if space allows. 

Spend as much as you can on hardware like your taps and shower fittings – after all these will be used daily, so it’s vital they last. And the same goes for any tiling – it’s a significant expense so you want something that you know you can live with for a good few years. 

Ready to start your upgrade?

If you’re ready to start upgrading your bathroom and plan to include glass in your designs then you’ll want to make sure we’re on speed dial. All we need is your measurements and requirements and we can produce bespoke, made-to-measure glass options to fill your bathroom with light. Give us a call on 020 8653 2200 or contact us online.