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What Type Of Mirror Is Best For Your Bathroom?

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What type of mirror is best for your bathroom?

Renovating your bathroom can be a fulfilling process that breathes new life into your home. You’ve chosen the perfect fixings for your taps, laid beautiful tiling along the floors, and installed a bespoke shower screen to add a stylish flair to your space. 

But when it comes to upgrading your bathroom, your bathroom mirror can make all the difference. This is because mirrors are perfect at expanding the feel of a space; meaning that even if your bathroom is on the smaller side, a carefully chosen mirror will make it feel like you’re freshening up in the swankiest suite at a ritzy hotel. 

But how do you identify the best bathroom mirror for your own home? Or if you’re working on a project property, what bathroom mirror styles should you opt for to make the room feel as fresh and clean as possible?

How to choose a bathroom mirror

First things first, you need to make sure that your mirror is suitable for a bathroom environment. This means that it should be resistant to the kinds of temperature changes you’d expect in a bathroom, improving the longevity of your mirror. If you need help with this, our friendly team are on hand to guide you. 

Next comes sizing, and this can depend entirely on the kind of look you’re going for, as well as the available space in your bathroom. Typically, bathroom mirrors should either run the length of your countertop, or hang as wide as the sink beneath them. But you also need to consider the height of the people that will be using the mirror – it’s no use measuring to fit a mirror that nobody will be able to see themselves in! 

You should also consider what kind of customisation you’d like to include with your mirror. This could mean having bevelled edges to add a sleek finishing touch, or adding a sandblasted, etching effect to really make it stand out. 

The reality is that when it comes to deciding which type of mirror is best for a bathroom, your imagination is the only limit! And if you need a little creative support, we can work with you to identify the best bathroom mirror for your space.

Osborn Glass bathroom mirror

Essential bathroom mirror considerations

  • Suitable for bathroom humidity
  • Fits the length of countertop or the width of sink beneath
  • Customisation – Do you want a bevelled edge? Etching? Particular colours?
  • Shape – What works best for your room? Round? Geometric? Frameless? A custom design

Which bathroom mirror styles are in fashion?

There are a wide variety of bathroom mirror styles out there, and the sheer number of options can sometimes feel overwhelming. But fret not: all of them can work. 

When it comes down to it, every kind of size and shape of bathroom mirror could work, depending on the surrounding room it’s being positioned in. This includes:

Round mirrors

Round mirrors work best when positioned precisely in the centre of your bathroom countertop or sink unit. They can add a welcoming atmosphere to your space, no matter the size of the bathroom.

Frameless bathroom mirrors

While framed mirrors are increasingly popular, it’s hard to beat the professional look that a frameless bathroom mirror can achieve. This works particularly well if you have several mirrors alongside one another, such as if your bathroom has an angled wall around the sink area.

Unique shapes to suit your bathroom

If you’re looking for a particularly modern bathroom look that suits your unique personality, then unique shapes (outside of your standard oval or rectangle) could work best. These kinds of bathroom mirrors add a contemporary feel that breathes new life into older homes.

Frameless Bathroom Mirrors - Bespoke Design

The best shape mirror for a small bathroom

If you have a particularly small bathroom, such as in a downstairs loo or second bathroom, then you may wonder if there are certain bathroom mirror styles that work best. 

In this instance, a frameless floor-to-ceiling mirror could be perfect to double the size of your room. This would rid the feeling of claustrophobia that smaller bathrooms can introduce. 

If your budget is tighter, however, then a simple circular or rectangular mirror above your basin works just as well.

How to stop bathroom mirrors from steaming up

You know the scene: you get out of a long shower feeling refreshed, go to look at yourself in your brand-new bathroom mirror, and…you can’t. The steam from your shower has fogged up the mirror, which can take a while to return to normal again. 

This is standard with almost all bathroom mirrors, so don’t worry if your mirror seems particularly foggy after using the shower or bath. However, there are a handful of home remedies that could reduce the steaminess of your mirror, and render it usable sooner: 

Vinegar and water. Mix a solution with a 1:1 ratio, and apply it to your bathroom mirror with a clean cloth. This should reduce the fog on your mirror for around a week’s worth of use. 

Shaving foam. By spreading a thin layer of shaving cream over your bathroom mirror and then cleaning it off with a soft towel or microfiber cloth, you can avoid steam for up to a few weeks. 

An extractor fan. This is by far the most effective way to avoid steaming up your bathroom mirrors. Alongside opening a nearby window, an extractor fan is the perfect way to reduce the buildup of steam in your bathroom, and keep your mirrors as pristine as possible.

Ready to find the best bathroom mirror for you?

If you would like to refresh your bathroom with a brand-new mirror, we’re here to help. No matter the size or budget you’re working with, our wide variety of bathroom mirrors means that there’s truly something for everyone. To inject new life into your space today, give us a call on 020 8653 2200 or contact us online.