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What Glass Should I Use For My Restaurant Windows?

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Restaurant storefront glass – it’s a vibe

Picture this. You’re walking along and your stomach is rumbling, you’re looking for the perfect place to eat. You stumble across a cosy restaurant nestled within greenery with a huge, clean window, giving you the perfect view of what’s to come. You see diners digging into their scrumptious meals. It’s so tempting, you just have to go in. Now picture the opposite. A dark, dingy, unkempt restaurant window, picture a crack in that window for extra effect. Which one would you choose to dine in? 

A little extreme, we know. But you get the point, first impressions are essential. The next restaurant could have been creating the most wonderful food, but their storefront let them down. 

Our latest article takes you through restaurant styles and top tips to choose the perfect shop front glass for your restaurant. 

What’s your restaurant vibe?

It is important to work out what style your restaurant is to ensure your storefront matches this. Are we talking, up market, family friendly, fast food, vintage or are you trying to entice passerbyers?

Is fine dining your thing? 

If it is, you will want to consider privacy as a feature. Many upmarket restaurants opt for tinted or patterned glass to give their guests privacy when eating, especially if the restaurant is near a busy street. Use can also use glass partitioning inside to your advantage, giving it that extra bit of glam.

More of a family friendly kind of place? 

A big, clear window is what you need. Many families are looking for convenience and will check to see how busy the restaurant is before entering. They may also be looking in to see if you have suitable facilities for all their needs, (cue the colouring books and pencils). 

Enticing customers in for a bite to eat? 

If you’re looking for hungry tums that are just walking by, you will want to consider signage on your windows. Make your restaurant stand out by adding painted glass panels to give it that pop of colour, drawing eyes in. This goes for fast food places too!

Going for the vintage look?

How about mixing it up with Georgian wired glass and bevelled glass. This is sure to give off the soothing style you’re looking for. 

Have an eye for decals & manifestations 

Decals and manifestations are brilliant for adding an extra bit of advertisement to your windows. But did you know, having manifestations is now a legal requirement. The main purpose is to make the glass noticeable so people don’t walk into it (no, we’re not kidding!) The legal requirements are that the manifestations need to be added between 850mm to 1000mm and 1400mm to 1600mm from the floor.

And finally – safety first

You want to ensure that your windows are not only visually pleasing but also safe, energy-efficient, and functional. All of the glass we suggest, is made from toughened or laminated glass. It makes it the best option for any commercial building, as it is shatter proof. Also, it complies with the building regulations requirements, which states that safety glass needs to be applied where there is risk of injury.  

But who can you contact to get this sorted?

Us! We are specialists! We can supply with you a restaurant front that is made to measure, secure and we can even install it for you. Give us a call on 020 8653 2200 or send us measurements for a quote.