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You can protect your domestic or commercial property with lots of safety features, but unless it’s equipped for fire resistance, then it might all be a waste. It only takes one small fire to cause a lot of damage. You can stop the spread with your glass choice. Wired glass, or Georgian glass, is fire-rated by design and when you choose to fit it, you could be saving valuable assets and inhabitants from injury. 

Close up of wired security glass

We manufacture and install wired Georgian glass, and we’re excited to hear about your next project. 

Exceptional Value for Money and A Life Saver 

This style offers reliability, integrity and fire-resistant glazing, which is available in a range of applications including your doors, windows and screens; all the while befitting those who prefer their glass to let in light while maintaining privacy. 

The metal lattice inside holds together glass fragments should your panel be prone to accidental or deliberate damage. The wire will reduce the chance of injury from shattering while maintaining form under high temperatures. 

How Long Wired Glass Can Withstand Heat 

The glass can save your property, and maintain integrity for up to 120 minutes when properly installed. We can provide this style of glass in both a smooth and textured finish. 

Your Supplier in London 

We supply wired Georgian glass to your exact requirements; available in multiple finishes. We deliver in and around South London. Check our areas covered page to learn more or give us a quick call. 

Call our friendly, expert team on 020 8653 2200.

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