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Wired/Georgian Glass

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Wired/Georgian Glass

Wired glass – sometimes referred to as meshed glass or Georgian glass – is a panel of glass with a grid or mesh of metallic wire inside.

Traditionally, wired glass has been used in institutional settings – among other locations – for safety/fire-rated applications.

In terms of general strength when broken, wired glass is actually weaker than more modern toughened glass types – which have the appearance of plain glass. Wired glass may give the impression of being reinforced due to its appearance, but this is not the case.

The key benefit of wired/meshed glass is in its fire-rated properties.

Toughened (Tempered) Safety Glass

For customers who need their glass window products to be both safe and durable, we provide toughened (tempered)/laminated safety glass. These specially processed products help ensure that if a window is broken, the pieces won’t be random and jagged – thereby minimising the chances of injury. When toughened/laminated glass shatters, it does so in small, granular pieces.

Note that once a pane of glass has been toughened, it cannot be cut again or treated/processed in any way.

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