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Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

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A glass surface is ideal wherever you need a choice of colour (or particular decoration) coupled with the durability, hygiene and a non-porous surface finish. Since they can be produced in large pieces, the number of joints needed is very few compared with tiling. They also offer enhanced hygiene with the ease of cleaning that sets them aside from other surfaces.

Send us your ideas, and we’ll make sure your splashback is a perfect fit, colour and addition to you room or space.

Printed Glass Splashback - Osborn Glass

Custom Splashbacks in a Variety of Colours

Our custom splashbacks are glass or mirror sheets, made to measure. We decorate them as required, and then permanently bond them to the wall surface. 

Splashbacks can be considerable in size; we can shape these as needed from our templates. We make them to allow for electrical sockets, extractor fans and other elements or obstacles. 6mm thick glass or mirror is our preferred manufacturing standard.

We paint your glass splashback in any colour (RAL, Pantone and BS) including 24 standards. Samples of the paints we use are available in our showroom. 


Can You Fit Glass Splashbacks Over Tiles?

We will happily install your splashback over a tiled surface; we will need to seal the edges to make sure that no moisture make their way between the two surfaces. 


Can Splashbacks Go Behind the Hob?

Splashbacks are tough and heat resistant and work perfectly behind a hob, catching unwanted splashing and spillages from hitting your wall. 


Low Iron Glass

If you want something sturdier, we manufacture in low iron and toughened glass. Low iron glass does not have the slight green tint seen in regular glass. 


London’s Leading Glass Splashback Specialist

We have a state-of-the-art glass painting facility, producing sheets of almost any size with opaque colour on one side, and a solid safety backing. 

Your ideas will come to life with the help of our in-house graphic artist; they are ready to work from your design or create something to match your requirements.