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Painted Glass and Glass Panels

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Painted glass is a way for you to display unique style in your home, interior design or project. You can add company logos, slogans, illustrations, house names or another personal design.

Choose from any industry recognised colour pallette, RAL, NCS, Farrow and Ball and Dulux are all accepted. Let us know your requirements today. Don’t worry about permanence and strength, the resin paints we use in our glass will last as long as the glass itself.

Coloured Mirror Glass

Strong, Reliable Painted Glass For Your Design Needs

Ideal for homes and commercial installations, our products help transform kitchens or highlight company designs, with logos and branding.

Painted Glass is a decorative glass product designed for glazing against a wall or similar rigid, fixed building structure. A resin paint coating is applied to the rear of a base glass substrate to give the glass an opaque appearance. The colour manages to be vibrant and eye-catching while not ultimately impeding the glass’ translucence. 

Painted glass features and benefits

Our painted glass panels offer you:

  •  A never-ending choice of colours to suit your needs,
  •  company logos and branding,
  •  a perfect product for large wall areas for contemporary designs, and
  •  in house design and installation services.