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Laminated Safety Glass

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Laminated Safety Glass

Laminated glass is a special type of glass that remains in one piece after being shattered. This is possible by adding an ‘interlayer’ between two panels of glass. This interlayer is made of a special type of plastic (typically of polyvinyl butyral or PVB) that ensures the shattered pieces are granular and held by the plastic interlayer. The chief benefit of laminated glass is one of safety: if broken, there are no shards which might cause injury. There is also a security benefit, since the plastic interlayer holds the shattered panel in place, making premises entry more difficult compared to the standard window glass.

Laminated Glass Panels in Various Thicknesses

Here at Osborn Glass, we supply laminated safety glass in thicknesses of 4.4, 6.4, 8.8 and 10.8mm. We will cut your glass to the required dimensions.

Coloured, Clear & White ‘Diffuser’ Glass

We stock and supply laminated safety glass in a choice of colours, alongside white ‘diffuser’ laminated glass (in 6.4mm) and clear variants. For shop fronts, 10.8mm glass is the most common choice. In most cases, laminated glass is selected for secondary glazing.

Our fire-rated glass is a special type of laminated glass. However, the regular material on this page must not be used in fire-rated applications.

Bespoke Laminated Glass

We have the facilities and skilled staff to laminate all manner of materials between the two glass panels, including dried plants, metal mesh and fabric. These bespoke laminated panels can be used to great decorative effect.

Toughened Glass from Osborn Glass

We supply toughened and toughened-laminated glass to your exact requirements. Available in thicknesses of 4 to 19mm.

How is Toughened Glass Made?

Glass panels are toughened either by thermal (heat treatment) or chemical processes. After being cut to requisite dimensions, the toughening process takes place. After this, the panels may not be reprocessed or cut.

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