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Bevelled Glass

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Bevelled glass and mirror and bespoke glass beveling 

Bevelling is a decorative finish for glass edges – in contrast to ‘clean cut’ or polished.  A bevel is made grinding and polishing away the glass around the border of the piece to create an angled surface – the bevel.

We specialised in beveled glass and mirrors with our own in-house computer controlled bevel grinding machines.  We can produce 6 to 38mm wide bevels on glass and mirror.  As well as straight line bevels, we can cut bevels onto shaped glass.  Normally bevels can be cut on glass from 4 to 10mm thick

Glass and mirror for bevelling

We stock a very wide range of glass and mirror suitable for having bevels cut around the borders. This includes most thickness of float glass, low iron glass, colour tinted mirror, various grades of antique mirror, etc.

Glass and mirror bevelling for the trade

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