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Why are mirrors important for your gym?

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A must-have for home gyms and complexes

Mirrors are not just for gym-goers to check themselves out – they add safety and enhance space, we break down the advantages of getting your mirror right here. 

There are practical and aesthetic gains to be made from having mirrors in your gym or even a home gym. Especially in gyms which have designated free weight and stretching areas, no mirror could even be a safety hazard. 

Mirrors in your gym will make it safer

As we mentioned above, not having a mirror in a free weight or stretching area could be detrimental to your gym users. Reflections allow us to see our body positions, posture and even unnecessary strain we’re putting on ourselves. 

Strain can be something we sometimes miss through feeling alone, for example someone may only complete half repetitions on one arm, and full repetitions on the other. Only a mirror would reveal this.

For more complex exercises or stretches, getting posture perfect makes a big difference on the results a person might get from the exercise. 

Compound movements like snatches, squats and deadlifts need to be undertaken correctly, not only to get maximum benefit but also to avoid serious injury. 

Also, gym mirrors will come toughened and safety-backed as standard, so any falls or drops won’t be accompanied by shattered glass. 

They’ll act as motivation to users

We know that the gym selfie is nothing to be scoffed at—especially when gym-goers are using them to watch their progress. 

By being able to see the difference in themselves, and in their ability to complete an exercise, their motivation levels will stay high and push them to achieve more. This motivation will see them stay at your gym. 

Photos alone don’t tell the entire story. Seeing their progress in live action can be enough to keep them motivated. 

They’ll add natural light and can be decorated with your logo

Mirrors will benefit your gym users’ motivation and safety, it will add a sense of space and light to rooms. 

You can choose for full all coverage, part wall coverage and even add a logo or design to your mirror. Your design choices will have an aesthetic appeal and impact on your gym’s interior and should be considered in the design phase of your build.

If you’re looking to add a mirror to your gym, or home gym, then we’d love to help. You can call our friendly offices today to find out more about how we make your glass in our workshop, deliver and install. Or, you could let us know your project ideas.