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Double Glazed and Triple Glazed Units from Osborn Glass

Double and triple glazed sealed units are made to measure and have many variables. 4mm or 6mm glass is used as standard in domestic installations but other thicknesses are used for different situations.

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The air gap between the two panes can vary from as little as 6mm up to 20mm. The spacer bar that separates the 2 panes is also available in many colours, including black, white, grey and silver.

Georgian bars, leaded effect, sandblasting, stained glass or coloured films are all used to decorate the sealed units adding that personal touch. Sandblasting or using obscure, textured or painted glass is perfect for those areas which require privacy.

Pet access doors – cat and dog flaps can be fitted into double glazed units in doors and windows, however the glass should be toughened for safety.

Laminated glass enhances your security as it is very difficult to break through. Toughened is another type of safety glass and in many situations Building Regulations require the glass to break safely.

Adding a Pilkington low energy glass is a great way to help with those costly fuel bills. Thermally efficient glass is one of the best ways to reduce heat loss from your property and you don’t always have to replace the old frames. Contact us for more information.

Roof glass has to be toughened or laminated by law. There are a range of tints and films which can be applied to help reduce the glare of the sun. Self cleaning glass is very popular when glazing a roof or any hard to reach area.

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