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Antique mirror from Osborn Glass

The look of vintage old distressed mirror, off the shelf, affordable, cut-to size, installed...but... isn't old, although it provides the vintage look of old distressed mirror - sometimes call 'foxed' mirror - off the shelf, made to measure and affordable.  Antique mirror glass, installed in bathrooms and kitchens offers a striking blend of appearance and utility, applicable to modern and traditional decoration schemes.

Walls may be clad in our antique mirror - entirely or in part (a chimney breast for example), creating various effects depending on the type of mirror – colour, tint, degree of distressing and the distress effect, and the way in which larger sheets or smaller panels are arranged.

Our most popular patterns are pdy-silver and bronze-pdy which are only lightly distressed, representing lighly foxed mirror.  We also supply a full range of other glass mirror, including tinted.

We offer: a range of eleven different distressed effects in stock and on display. These vary from gentle 'foxed' mirror, with a  mild all-over speckling tarnish, to very heavily figured distressing

Cut to size service 

Bevelling, polishing, drilling and installation

Highly bespoke hand distressed mirror and gold and other metal leafed mirror made to measure

Our antiqued mirror glass is available in a variety of degrees of distress and is used in architectural and decorative settings as well as framed and un-framed mirrors.

It's used in domestic and commercial interiors - hotels, bars, cafes and restaurants -  as feature walls, splash backs, panelled mirrors, tiles, in furniture requiring an old looking mirror, mirrored table tops and splasbacks. 

As well as domestic interiors, it's popular in hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants and commercial buildings.

The surface can be sandblasted for a highly diffused, less reflective effect. The edges can be bevelled or polished, shapes may be cut, as well as cut-outs and notches. 

Antique, distressed mirror effects in stock

Please note that the antique effect on the mirror varies in intensity and detail across the sheets - no two sheets are the same. This means that any samples should not be taken as fully representative of the antique effect on the whole of any sheets or pieces of antique mirror supplied by us.

The £1 coin give an indication of the scale of the pattern in the following images.  We have an excellent display of antique mirror and other mirror and glass in our showroom and workshop. You are very welcome to visit our showroom (in South Norwood, SE25 near Croydon and a few minutes walk from Norwood Junction station) to see extended ranges of samples, as well as the whole sheets of antique mirror glass that we stock.

Our mirror is 6mm thick and maybe supplied with a heavy foil backing for safety. This mirror cannot be toughened 

antique effect heavily distressed silver mirror glass

Silver Storm Antique Mirror 

New - November 2017

Bold, heavy antique effect on silver mirror base.  6mm thick glass mirror

antique effect lightly distressed silver mirror glass

Silver Fox Antique Mirror


Gentle distressing, silver mirror base.  6mm thick glass mirror

antiqued silver mirror, gentle distressing

pdy - silver antique mirror

Very popular with clients, this silver mirror has a gentle overall freckled distressing. Good reflections.

antiqued silver mirror, cool blue distressing

azure - blue toned mirror

Silver mirror with a slightly blue toned overall distressing, quite heavily distressed. Medium reflections.

antique distressed mirror, dark

black - heavily distressed mirror

Silver mirror with black distressed patches, quite heavily distressed. Least reflections

antique distressed mirror, bronze

bronze glx - antique mirrored glass

Darker bronze mirror, gentle dark clouded distressing. Good reflection but with darker tone

popular bronze antique mirror

bronze pdy - foxed mirror

Also trending, this lighter bronze mirror has a gentle overall freckled distressing. Good reflections. 

copper antique mirror

copper - distressed copper tinted mirror

A deep copper tinted mirror with clouding such that more than 50% of the mirrored face is obscured. Least reflections

antique mirror rose


Silver mirror, with warm pinkish clouding. Medium reflections

antique mirror

silver glx

Silver mirror with gentle all over clouding. Medium reflections

antique mirror silver grey


Silver mirror with gentle but all-over clouded distressing. Medium reflections

Installations of antique mirror glass

We supply our mirror cut to size for third party installation  and we offer a full measuring, templating and fitting service
mirrored glass splashbacks


Antique mirror used as splashback in a kitchen (not suitable for use behind hobs and ranges).  Also great in bathrooms and bedrooms

antique mirror bevelled tiles

Bevelled antique mirror, tiled

Although availabe in large sheets, sometimes the effect of 'tiling' with bevelled borders provides an exclusive look

antique mirror public spaces

Distressed mirror 

This mirror is great for creating warm and intimate atmospheres, typically for public sapces - restauants, hotels and bars as well as domestic spaces.

decorated mirror, etched and antique effect

Decorated mirror

Antique mirror may be further embellished by surface decoration - including sandblasing and painting, which is all done in house.

antique mirror wall cladding Bedroom

Wall cladding

Antique mirror as wall cladding in Bedroom

Antique mirror glass in bar with bespoke frame

Bars and cafes

We organised the copper framing as well as cutting and installing these feature antique mirror panels

Glass and mirror suppliers, London

Bespoke antique mirror

Our in-house mirror and glass design, cutting, shaping, drilling, polishing and bevelling processes mean we offer a full service for bespoke glass projects under one roof.

glass and mirror for London

Osborn Glass

Glass and mirror solutions for London
Double glazing installations

What now?  -  Can we help? - Call us on 0208 653 2200

Do get in touch...we are very enthusiastic about our range of antique distressed mirror...

If you can visit us, we have a great range of samples and stock sheets in our showroom and factory in South Norwood, just North of Croydon (Norwood Junction on Overground and Southern rail is a few minutes walk).

We can provide samples by mail, however there will be a small charge.

November 2017